Keeping them engaged

Leaders are bored. Education is stale without exploration and individuality. The Adventure Manor offers expeditions in thought, practice, and faith through the Short Program or the Long Program.

Short Program—Expedition 1

(serves as recruitment tool for Expedition 2—Long Program)

Three Day Intensive for 18 college age attendees.

Wednesday: 1–5pm / Thursday–Friday: 9am–12pm, 1:30pm–5:30pm

Wednesday–Friday: 8pm–10pm Recreation and Meditation options

Cost per student: College—$375 / High School—$225

Travel, Manuals, Books, Expedition, Coaches, Room and Board, Recreation

Program for 2006/2007: July 2nd, August 2nd, February 1st, June 1st

Estimated fiscal cost: $42,480 for Young Leaders Expedition Intensive. $12,000 for recruitment program/personnel.

Financial Goal: Raise significant funds from grants and charitable giving to completely cover costs so attendees only pay registration.


  • Age 15–17 for High School / 18–27 for College and Career.
  • Recommendation from a mentor/pastor/professor.
  • Completed Application Form.

2. Long Program—Expedition II:
Seven-week Young Leaders Expedition (YLE) based at Adventure Manor

$125.00 Registration
Limited to 8 individuals per season (3 Expeditions per year during the three seasons)

$2200 per expedition (not including cost of optional mission/adventure trip)
live on site with furnished, shared room, meals and amenities (towels, sheets, etc), customized development program

$1300 per expedition (not including cost of optional mission/adventure trip)
live off site with own housing, meals, customized development program
Young Leaders chosen can apply for a second expedition
Scholarships available

Financial goal
Raise significant funds from grants, charitable giving, and scholarship donors to partially or completely cover cost: 


  • (young person between 18–27)
  • American or dual citizenship
  • One year of college or more
  • Apparent leadership interests
  • Chronicle of a relationship or experience with God
  • Recommendation from a mentor / pastor / professor
  • Approval of parent/s (if applicable)
  • An active passport
  • Completed YLE Application
  • Personality test  (TJTA) administered by Manor coach
  • Interview with a Manor coach to discuss:
    • Desire to be in YLE
    • Vocation inclinations
    • Direction in life or lack thereof
    • Past and present devotional / meditational life
    • Past jobs
  • Milestone experiences that have brought you to where you are
  • Demonstration of openness to change and growth through dynamic relationship
  • Commitment to moral integrity

Program Portfolio:

  • Read recommended books—6 per expedition
  • Learn 70/30 Model - Pursue strengths and address disciplines 
  • Examine core values, personal affinities and ideals orientation
  • Be involved in small group sessions on Christian leadership and vocation
  • Participate in worship session
  • Pray and Meditate
  • Journal  experiences
  • Develop own story and vocation plan
  • Be involved in a local non-profit effort
  • Do teamwork projects with other young leaders
  • Host Adventure Manor guests
  • Be a personal assistant to a Manor coach (3 young leaders per expedition chosen)
  • Assist in Manor maintenance
  • Travel and serve with GTM on domestic tours
  • Advance to managing jobs and events
  • Manage an E-mentoring relationship
  • Do a geographical Cyber-tour
  • Raise own budget for mission trip with GTM


  • Customized program for individual, based on his or her interests, gifting, and life goals.
  • Acquire hands on leadership skills - for ministry and corporate life
  • Hands-on experience in innovative ‘think tank’ environment for 21century Christianity
  • Receive personal mentoring by GTM (25 years of global travel, music performance, ministry, team development, creative administration, and corporate experience)
  • Gain people management skills from the biblical ‘servant leader’ premise
  • Training from Masters level in Music, Mission, Theology, Anthropology, Christian History, Bible
  • Training from Doctorate level in Communication, Program Development, Coaching
  • Access to premium resources for research, growth, enjoyment, and community
  • Exposure to great leaders and creative vocation options
  • Offsite exposure to areas of personal gifting and interest
  • Open schedule (approved in advance)
  • Exposure to Biblical Mission – Two-week mission ministry trip with GTM
  • Learn how to appeal to donors for missions projects
  • Gain a biblical worldview

3. Mobilization Program Expedition III
Five-Week Expedition – (Young Leaders 18–26)

Mobilized for ministry

$105.00 Registration

$1800 per expedition
Live on site (not including cost of optional mission/adventure trip)

$950 per expedition
Live off site (not including cost of optional mission/adventure trip)
(Young Leaders pay registration and raise 400.00 for their mission trip)

Training in: (choice options) Missions, Music, and Christian Ministry, Biblical Studies, and Discipleship

Training in: team development, people management, and forming a ministry foundation,

Testings: TJTAnalysis, Giftings Test, Core Values Evaluation, and Vocational Aptitude

Courses in Christian History, Contemporary World Issues, Ministry Models, Prayer

GTM Coaching Team and Guest Experts
Nine-Day Mission trip to American Relief Site or Mexico

See Young Leaders Agreement and Application form

Financial goal:
Complete or partial cover of Expedition cost—Scholarships through private giving